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These days we will study some romantic terms and phrases in Spanish. I experienced initially planned to produce this report the weekend when Colombia celebrated “El Día de Amor y Amistad” (the working day of really like and friendship). In Colombia, the celebration of “El Día de Amor y Amistad” is form of like Valentine’s Day in the States.

I gave my “novia” (girlfriend) “sweets” y “rosas.” And a “peluche” (stuffed animal).

The “peluche” was a “peluche de Los Pitufos.” Do you know who “Los Pitufos” are in English?

“Los Pitufos” is the Spanish word for “The Smurfs.”

The weekend of “El Día de Amor y Amistad” “paseamos” (we went absent) to a “pueblito” (small town). So I failed to get to deliver the e-mail then. And considering that Latinos have a standing for becoming incredibly hot blooded, powerful, passionate fans, an email covering this subject matter would be correct for “El Día de Amor y Amistad.” So right here are “10 frases románticas” that you can say to your “novio/a,” (boyfriend/girlfriend), “amante” (lover), “esposo/a” (partner).

1. Te extraño – I miss you.

This is yet another way to say “I miss out on you”…

2. Me haces falta – I miss out on you

In Spain, you could listen to people say “I skip you” by stating “te echo de menos.”

3. Te quiero – I really like you

Here’s a a lot more rigorous way to say I adore you:

4. Te amo – I appreciate you.

5. Te quiero con todo mi corazón.
(I adore you with all my heart.)

6. Estoy enamorado de ti.
I’m in like with you.

A girl would say:

Estoy enamorada de ti.
I am in appreciate with you.

Detect that in the phrase “estoy enamorado de ti” in its place of utilizing the Spanish phrase “contigo” which usually means “with you,” in Spanish you use the phrase “de ti” which basically suggests “from you” or “of you.”

This is a quite poetic way to say “I am in appreciate”…

7. Estoy flechado – I am in like.

A lady would say: Estoy flechada – I am in really like.

“Estoy flechado” literally signifies “I have been shot with an arrow” as in “Cupid’s arrow.” In Spanish, they simply call the god of motivation, passion and erotic love from Roman mythology, “Cupido.”

8. I fell in appreciate – Me enamoré.

9. Me enamoré de ti.
I fell in adore with you.

10. Quiero casarme contigo.
I want to marry you.


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