Fascinating Lodge Adventures


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Have you stayed at a lodge not long ago?

Did just about anything exciting transpire?

These days, all of you will be coming with my partner and I to remain at resorts throughout this pandemic time.

You are moms and dads/grandparents with children and animals.

We have just arrived in Melbourne, Florida to continue to be at our hotel

You have your children and pets, we have our cat Lilly with us.

Before we move in –

You know the drill”- Spray all parts with Lysol Disinfectant Spray!

-A person mother or father will stay outdoors the room with the children, animals, and baggage though the other parent is armed with “Lysol Disinfectant Spray!”

You and I spray our resort rooms with our Lysol spray:

All doorway knobs, all the bathtub area parts, all the kitchen spots, counters, beds, closet, hall strategies, chairs, sofa, remote control for the Television, in home cellphone, and meticulously with tender fabric with disinfectant on it wipe gentle switches, carefully.

You and I see under the mattress…

Stray pills, —–which we clear away and put in a plastic bag then spray the space!

By the mini refrigerator we observe –

Gummy bears —–which we also taken off and put in our plastic bag. Then we spray the region with far more Lysol.

Then following ready a few minutes for the Lysol Disinfectant Spray to dry, we carry in our spouses, young ones, animals and baggage.

When we brought Lilly into our home she seemed close to and sniffed and stood by the connecting doorway—

permitting us know there was a neighbor pet upcoming doorway.

When she’s content she purrs and when she’s frightened her ears go again and she squeaks.

She stood by the doorway patiently and a pet dog barked!

She squeaked!

Who are your neighbors at the lodge?

Do they have pets and little ones?

“This reminds me of when my husband and I were being on our honeymoon and we stayed in a resort that altered the sheets every day”…

FROM Place TO Home!

In just about every lodge you travel to with your family, young children and pets you will have a new experience of what you will find in your hotel home!

Before this yr you and I, our spouses, young children, and animals were visiting Kansas Town, Missouri and arrived at our resort.

As normal our spouses, kids, pets and luggage waited outside the resort for you and I to –

You Know the Drill!

Spray Lysol Disinfectant Spray, on all doorway knobs, all the bathtub place areas, all the kitchen area places, counters, beds, closet, hall ways, chairs,couch, distant handle for the Television set, in room phone, and very carefully with gentle fabric with disinfectant on it wipe gentle switches, gently.

When we went to spray the couch,

You and I noticed driving it…

“a stray pair of pink substantial heels”.

Soon after we eradicated the large heels, – we sprayed the space with Lysol.

Immediately after a number of minutes- We ended up all set to shift in to our hotel rooms with our spouses, young ones, animals, and luggage.

When you initially transfer into a lodge with your spouse and children, youngsters, and animals, what 3 matters need to you bear in mind to do?

1) You know the drill: Spray Lysol disinfectant spray – on all door knobs, all the tub place spots, all the kitchen regions, counters, beds, closet, corridor techniques, chairs, couch, distant handle for the Tv, in place cellphone, and cautiously with gentle cloth with disinfectant on it wipe light-weight switches gently.

2) Remove any stray perilous harmful substances like tablets and gummy bears to protect your family, youngsters and animals from ingesting them. Then spray Lysol about and beneath the bed, fridge, and microwave.

3) Take out any stray things like past guest’s purple higher heels, then spray the spot with Lysol and return the crimson superior heels to the lodge entrance desk.

Immediately after waiting around a few minutes for the Lysol disinfectant to dry-

have your spouses, young ones, pets, and baggage enter your lodge rooms.

It is usually an experience checking out a resort even a lot more so throughout this pandemic. Stay tranquil as you spray your Lysol to guard your spouse and children!

Recall the drill!

Spray the lodge room with Lysol – Let it dry-

ahead of your loved ones and animals enter to secure them!

[ad_2]”Sprint Me” A Yr in the Existence of a Cajun Boy Operating in Nigeria, West Africa!


I was doing work as a mechanic at Hyster Forklift in New Orleans, La. and a mate of my manager “Mr Pat Horn”arrived by to see him as he was on depart from doing work offshore (predominantly) and onshore in Nigeria, West Africa. His title was “Deano Pablo Vincent Martini”. He was a character to say the minimum. He experienced a significant Italian accent, was short and stocky and he arrived to the United states of america when his submarine was captured when it surfaced in the Gulf Of Mexico and was striving to acquire fuel from a shrimp boat. Martini met his wife at Camp Plauche Prison when she came to publish letters residence consistently to Italy for him. He asked my boss “Pat” if he knew of anyone fascinated in going to get the job done on a Derrick Barge #11 mostly offshore in Nigeria, West Africa.

I was solitary and in my early 20’so I said yes! The company that I worked for was identified as “Oceanic Contractors” on the door of the making situated in downtown New Orleans, but the corporation identify I signed up with was identified as “J Ray McDermott”. They are a hugh, correctly run company around the world. I experienced to go get an in depth bodily locally, a series of unpleasant shots for my new intercontinental health care report that went alongside with my passport. The nurse explained: “consider your fat off of this leg” my still left, and she stuck a large needle in my rear, then she stated “just take your pounds off the other leg”and she caught it in my other cheek and gave me the other half! It was a “Gamma Globulin” shot. Man was I happy that was around! They also gave me some pills that I had to get every day for a month before I left to protect against me from catching Malaria. I experienced to take a tablet each day when I was about there from a huge tablet canister situated in the galley where by we ate foods and we had to just take them when we returned residence for 3 months much too.

It took about seven months to get the flight to Nigeria, they experienced a military services coup and killed the leader of the country over there. We flew to Charles DeGaulle airport in Paris, France first and I scheduled a two day layover to see the city. It was a fancy airport, they experienced these significant tubes that shuttled men and women in various various directions. I went to the Meridian Hotel in Paris, at the entrance desk I found a cab driver that spoke a small English, and the lady at the desk advised him a list of all the locations that I wanted to see in French! We invested fifty percent a day driving all over to see all of the sights, and I finished up at the Eiffel Tower. I selected to wander up all of the winding stairs to the big deck the place you could see anything for miles all-around. It was good enjoyable! The following day I was going for walks close to a mall around the hotel and I received some genuine “French Fries” at a McDonalds! Later, I ran into a blond headed woman strolling about the shopping mall, her identify was “Stephanie”, I commenced talking to her and she was a prostitute!! She took me to a little hotel with a French Maid that labored 1 of these uncovered metal cage elevators that took us upstairs to our room. The home has these huge pink lips on the wall and a bed shaped like a heart. They experienced a B-day, and a bathroom, we the two washed up and you can visualize the rest.

The up coming working day I caught the flight that took off for Nigeria, we experienced to land in Accra, Ghana, West Africa and hold out right up until daylight to acquire off once again and land in Nigeria. The airport was around Lagos, Nigeria. It was a mess, after having off the plane everyone had to operate for the Air Nigeria flight! Then, I got lucky and caught a Widgeon Airplane for McDermott that took off from land, then was likely to land in the river in the vicinity of the yard in Warri, Nigeria. It had pontoons and it landed in the h2o at the Warri River at the J Ray McDermott garden. They took me to a resort, it was stunning! They had a motel with a rack of skeleton keys for all of the rooms, they have been all the exact same! The check out out the window was a giant pile of trash in the middle property. When it got darkish, all of the electric power in the location went out, I found out why they experienced a candle in a bottle in the place with matches! That evening, I took the mattress off the bed and put it in the foyer in opposition to the doorway to the room and slept on it. 2 times that night time another person tried out to steal all of my things in the place but I was sleeping on the mattress, they woke me up and I punched the door challenging and they ran absent. Happy the doors opened up to the inside of!

The initially time I went to the Derrick Barge (DB11), I bought on a tug boat known as the “Gulf Wind” with a captain named “Captain Wally Hebert”. It had just occur about from the United States, and on the way to the Barge offshore close to the region of Angola, (applied to be known as the Belgian Congo”. We obtained fired on throughout the bow of the tug, and were being stopped by a Russian gunboat, with a Cuban crew! They boarded the vessel and Captain Wally experienced a 22 caliber pistol and they took it and left. I was seasick as a pet, stayed in my bunk and could not wait to get off! I obtained on Derrick Barge 11 (DB11), it was a reduction or so I imagined, I had to go up and down 14 flights of stairs all working day unloading the applications that had been despatched out on the tug. We have been doing work 18 hrs a working day and it was really difficult. We completed laying the pipeline to the shore and we took off going north and then we listened to that somebody blew up the refinery! Working in these 3rd entire world toilets nearly anything can come about!

A single working day the Nationals (Local Personnel) all bought on the tug boat the Gulf Wind and they mutinied! They bought weary of the Camp Boss (a Lebanese dude) serving them sacks of “Gary” (the food items the locals take in) being full of Weevils. They commandeered the vessel again to the dock in Nigeria! They came again to perform soon after it was straightened out days later on. I recall heading out with the tug boat “Gulf Wind” to choose up barges of the pipe we laid and possessing to convey a large 12 volt battery and equipment with me in situation I need to have them to start the anchor winch and get the anchor up. I rode on the entrance of the barge seeing the Dolphins in the crystal clear blue water as they performed as we moved alongside! Most of the barges had hydraulic starters although. From time to time the batteries would be gone, yep, another person paddled all the way out there in their dugout to steal the batteries so that they could have lights in their village hut!

There was a medic on DB11, he experienced a small moveable property up under the heliport. He experienced large bottles of prescription medicine from abroad, England mainly. We used to get: “Cement supplements” to plug you up and “Dynamite tablets” to get you heading yet again! The camp manager and the meals was low-priced and inferior! They had the hairs still on the slices of bacon! It was almost nothing like working offshore in the Gulf Of Mexico, they had fantastic foods there! A guy that I labored with “Jerry” was hooked on “Darvon” ache pills. He had hundreds of them! Anything at all that was completely wrong with you he would say: “You want some Darvon” he was always out of it.

We went back to the McDermott property in Nigeria for 2 months to transform the swing equipment in the Gantry Crane from steam driven, to electric pushed. There were quite a few sites where we utilized to go try to eat in close proximity to Warri, one was a location that served delightful Escargot, I hardly ever believed that I would take pleasure in snails, but they were genuinely tasty! Yet another time, we were being coming back again to the property and they experienced a major collecting of folks all going for walks to this place where they executed men and women. The policeman said: “You have never ever noticed an Execution?” We mentioned no and he took out his billy club and beat all of the persons out of the way and took us proper up entrance to view! He reported no images and we went alongside with that. They shot a male and a woman that they tied to two major poles with the Warri river in the qualifications. They shot them both of those at the same time. A person of them stole a look at, and the other 8 Naira (8 Naira was about 12 dollars at the time). Cash punishment is the title of the recreation. It was unreal. I utilised to say:”Now a different greenback, Tonight an additional Naira”. Yet another time I was in a taxi coming back to the property at night, it was stopped by the police (they don camouflage clothing with AR15’s) I was arrested for murdering a dude at the seaside. I had $112.00 on me and that was what it cost me to get out of it! If a cab driver bought in a wreck, the law enforcement would get him out of the motor vehicle an beat him right there on the place! These are the most crooked individuals I have at any time viewed!

Yet another time, I went in a regional bar with other engineers and when we sat down there were being promptly 4-5 girls on us all with various colored wigs, blonds, redheads and so forth. They were being all grabbing our pants and making an attempt to get us to go with them to a Hotel! Unreal! There was a whore home positioned right exterior of the McDermott gate, it was termed “The Block Dwelling” It was generally open to website visitors and there had been lots of ladies there.

I went for a truck ride to this superb put to go swimming. There was me, a rigger and a welder. We slash up and split a new pineapple on the trip there. All the while I was singing to myself:”Oops there goes another rubber tree plant”! We ended up driving by way of rubber tree plantations! The river was a spring that flowed contemporary water that you could drink correct out of the ground and it flowed into a muddy river someplace. We achieved the Main who owned the land when we were there, a actual awesome guy, I took his photograph and I took quite a few images of the area and some youthful locals paddled by in a small dugout. I have a photograph of me paddling the little dugout with a piece of wooden for a paddle in the crystal clear spring water!

When I was leaving Nigeria the to start with time, there are men at the airport the place they consider your baggage absent to the airplane and the dude in my line claims: “Dash Me, Sprint Me” it suggests they needed a Naira suggestion or you would hardly ever see your baggage once more! They say “Sprint Me” in all places in Nigeria. Hense the name of this tale. Right after about 6 months I had to come property for a 7 days and get my impacted wisdom enamel removed, I did it in the dentist chair and person, was I glad when it was accomplished! When we were traveling back again abroad I created a listening unit from a pen and a funnel shaped piece of paper so that I could hear to the movies they were being enjoying so that I did not have to shell out for the headphones. I just elevated the armrest up! When the jet landed an aged Cajun Boat Captain sitting subsequent to me said: “Keep on there cuz, the shit is hitting the lover”! The jet blew out a tire when we were being landing and the parts of tire were traveling up in close proximity to the window! The pilot leaned the plane around and we landed Alright!

I caught the McDermott Widgeon in Lagos “The Funds Of Nigeria” to fly to an airstrip in the middle of nowhere, he dropped me off and explained I will be back again in a couple of hours, he had to refuel the airplane and do a pair of other things at the McDermott lawn in Warri, He hardly ever arrived again! I located out and noticed the wrecked aircraft later on, when landing the plane in the Warri River he forgot to pump up the landing wheels that ended up down and when the aircraft landed it quickly flipped in excess of, crashed and sunk! No a person was killed! Thank God, he acquired banged up serious terrible. The aircraft was ruined, he remaining me out in the bush, all I experienced to devote the evening with was a sheet, a local experienced brought it to me, that was it. I fell asleep that night and when I woke up the sheet experienced moved off my experience, I was below it when I went to slumber. My face was covered with all sorts of bites and whelps, from mosquitoes generally, and I know that is when I acquired Malaria!!!!! It by no means obtained to me until eventually after I arrived household for superior, (more on that later on) the next working day a British “Bristow”chopper had picked me up to fly me offshore to a heliport in close proximity to DB11 the place a boat could pick me up and acquire me to the Derrick Barge. When the Chopper took off the tail rotor few off and the Chopper produced a slow descending spiral into the Atlantic Ocean!!!! The pilot obtained out Okay, the Major Gantry Crane on DB11 picked up the really moist Chopper and place it on the heliport for later on repairs I guess??

Immediately after I completed my a person yr contract, I flew to Brussels, in Belgium to decide on up my reward check out on the way dwelling. An appealing town! Following I got dwelling I fell in appreciate with a nearby female and we had been on Lakeshore Drive at night in New Orleans and we had been generating out in my automobile and that is when I acquired these terrible chills, I was freezing and shaking, then I would get red scorching, sweating profusely and I knew I had Malaria!!! It is not fun. They put me in Mercy Hospital and they introduced me 4 capsules to consider at any time 2 hours in a small white cup and I gave them the bottle of supplements when I checked in! Somebody at the Medical center called a attorney and explained to them about me I guess, because a attorney known as me although I was sitting down in the Healthcare facility bed! We sued McDermott under the “Jones” Act. They gave me back the bottle of drugs when I left the Clinic.

This whole story is Accurate, and this 1 yr contract with J Ray McDermott was the most function crammed, exciting excursion I have ever been on! I genuinely did love it immensely!!!

Robert P Bertaut Sr.


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