Cruise Ship Jobs – Scam or Plan?


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Have you ever seen those ads in the newspaper for your dream job; working a few hours a day on a luxury cruise ship, traveling the world, meeting interesting people, and getting paid for this all. Whilst this sounds like anybody’s dream job, it is important to get the facts straight before you jet set off to start your new career on a cruise ship. Whilst it does sound like a very desirable job, either short term or permanent, there are many scams out there; we look at Cruise Ship Jobs and give you the lowdown on whether these are a scam or a plan.

Firstly, before you start sending off your resume and pack your bags, do some research into the cruise ship company or the recruitment agency. This may be a matter of checking their contact details – making sure they have a legitimate address and phone number – or actually giving them a call and discussing the matter with somebody there. If it is a legitimate company they will only be too happy to answer your questions or give you the number or contact details of somebody that can. If they are reluctant to answer any question of yours fully, I would not trust their legitimacy. Cruse Ship jobs are notorious for being scams or misrepresenting the holiday experience that you are going to have, so the first step is to establish that they are legitimate and that they can answer any queries that you may have.

Secondly, if you are considering working on a cruise ship, make sure you read all of the terms and conditions of your contract; including things such as your salary, duties, breaks, living arrangements, etc. A Surprising number of people do not read their contracts properly, or do not sufficiently enquire into the details of the working arrangements. Often a bonus will be awarded if you stay for the full term of your contract; make sure you understand that if you decide to leave before this date the money will not be awarded to you, often making the whole experience rather low paying.

Thirdly, make sure you check with other people who have previously done your job/role on a cruise ship (preferably with the company that you are applying for). It is always best to do your research, and you won’t hear anything more true than the comments of people who have actually worked on the cruise ship. If you don’t know anybody personally, there are many forums and message boards on the internet related to cruise ship jobs; be sure to check these out and ask as many questions as possible. It is always better to sort things out before you go, than when you are 100 miles out to sea.

Finally, beware of hidden costs. All the money you may earn on the cruise ship won’t make much of a difference if you have to pay fro an airfare to get to the cruise ship. Nor will paying a $100 fee to apply for a cruise ship job. Most of these are scams so beware of them. There are scams out there, and there are companies that mislead the romanticism of a cruise ship job, but if you do your homework a cruise ship job can be a rewarding and fun experience.



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