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I attended a youth camp in southern part of my country last September. Winter season was almost over alas, that was I thought. With my camping sleeping bag with me, I was confident during that time that I will be fine. However, when darkness came, the next thing I knew was I was crawling out of my warm bag and freezing in cold in my tent as temperature persisted to drop as traces of winter madness. I went to my friend’s tent and there, ashamed as I was, shared their camping Heater and spent the whole night with them. Lesson learned: Sleeping bags are good, but camping Heaters are better.

I guess what I can do now to repay my dear friend’s kindness is to spread the good news so no one will ever have to go through to where I have been. The good news: Camping Heaters are absolutely one of the most fantastic and coolest camping tools ever created. Campers who have attempted and done numerous experimentations before to heat their tents rarely report success, and some were not really able to report anything at all as they became victims of carbon monoxide poisoning or because their tents have been burned.

There are heaps of camping Heaters available in the market today as our modern and ever changing technology made it possible. If you are lucky enough to go on camping on a place with electricity, you can just bring your Electric Space Heater inside your tent. However, you must be responsible enough to keep an eye on your electric camping Heater because I bet that the next possible thing you want to see is to witness your tent on fire or be electrocuted. That is why it is best that you do not leave it unattended otherwise, you will end up in a big trouble.

Gas Catalytic Camping Heaters, on the other hand, are more desirable especially if you are camping with kids. This is safer compared to electric heater as it makes use of propane without an open flame. Even huge companies, cargo ships, and military are utilizing this kind of camping Heater.

Another type of camping Heater is what we call the Hot Vent Camping Heater. This is very easy to use compared to other types of camping Heaters as this kind of heater is placed outside the tent. Only the air tubes are inserted inside your tent emitting safe dry hot air.

Although our modern generations almost make all things possible, it is still entirely up to us how we are going to make use of these inventions. One should not go for just low price or convenience but more importantly, for our safety when using a camping Heater. It is important that we consider how safe and not just how warm or how cheap or how handy our camping Heater is! No one wants to end up in a hospital and missing the fun of the camp’s activities just because our heater is not safe enough for a night sleep.

One way to ensure our safety in the camp is to keep in mind that whenever we use our camping Heater, there must always be a room for ventilation. We should leave a vent or window open to permit air and moisture to circulate. At the end of the day, our tent will be warmer if we get rid of the natural dampness that builds up through the night. It is a No-No to seal off every space in our tent thinking that it will be warmer and better. Otherwise, we may end up being suffocated with dangerous levels of carbon monoxide.

In the end, it all boils down to extreme cautiousness in whatever type of camping Heater we may choose in the market. It is a must that we may be able to choose the one safe not just for us but for everybody in the camp as we want nothing else but to enjoy every moment in that camp experience with everybody. After all, camping Heaters are definitely the next best thing to make the most of your camp trip.



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