Camping Cots 101 – Strengths and Down sides


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To camping cot or to not camping cot? That is the issue. What is the solution? As with many points the solution is… it relies upon! Below we will weigh the advantages and drawbacks of the camping cot to see if it is for you.

I have been an avid camper for the previous 30 many years and have completed all sorts of tenting. At times I want a cot, and occasionally I do not. Right here is why!


There are a large amount of pros to having a cot. The most helpful is that it receives you off the ground and provides some consolation. We had been taught this as a person of our 1st Boy Scout lessons. It is very critical to have something between you and the ground when you are sleeping. Not only for dust and bugs, but primarily for the temperature. When you are sleeping your temperature will fall and so does the great night time air. It is critical to have one thing concerning you and the floor when camping. Now, if you are in search of heat, then a blanket/pad is the finest matter to have in between you and the floor. Believe that it or not, you overall body really warms the pad and blanket up and assists preserve you heat at night time. Nevertheless, if you are not tenting in freezing temperatures then a cot will do.

Cots also increase a ton of convenience. In my 20’s I could sleep any where. Now that I am a little older sleeping on a tricky surface sucks. So a cot will make my rest so a great deal superior convenience wise.

These times cots are built pretty powerful, light-weight and compact. They are not like the cots of the old days the place they were extremely cumbersome and several situations major. Today with camping technologies you can pack a cot that weights only 8 lbs and acquire it anyplace.


As talked about now a lot of cots are lightweight and compact, nonetheless not all of them are. Some are however cumbersome or large. Over the a long time I have uncovered that bringing also considerably things when camping is just a problem and important. Tenting is far better loved with fewer things that is extremely helpful. I apply the 80/20 rule when tenting. It suggests that 20% of the camping equipment will be utilized 80% of the time when camping. If it isn’t going to fit in the 20% then it is pointless. If you are backpacking then bringing a camping cot can also be a stress. Also when backpacking extra is fewer.

In the conclusion it seriously depends on the person, the sort of camping they are accomplishing and what they want their practical experience to be. I am ready to increase 8 lbs. for a cot on any tenting that I do mainly because sleeping on a hard surface area is just not at ease for me anymore. I toss and convert all night.


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