5 Rules to Follow When You Pack Your Bags for a Flight


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You plan and prepare for your holiday; you pack your bags; and the airline charges a hefty amount for it or even worse, doesn’t allow you to take half of it on-board the flight. It is important to pack right when you prepare for your flight. It is also equally important that you know what restrictions apply.

Let’s take a look at the baggage rules that an airline may need the fliers to follow.

Usually, you can take a bag and a personal item on your flight. Whether it is the medications in a handbag or your laptop in a laptop bag, you can take such a personal item with you on the journey. Along with this, you may also take another small bag or a suit pack on the flight.

Keep in mind though that weight and dimension restrictions may apply. The majority of airlines allow Economy Class fliers to take bags that weigh between 5-7 kg. First and Business Class passengers may get a little more advantage. Make sure you check the carry-on luggage restrictions from the airline in advance.

Check-in baggage may incur an additional charge. An airline may include this charge in the flight ticket or it can charge this separately. You need to clarify the cost related details before you book your flight to make sure it’s a fit for your budget. You can check-in your luggage when you check-in at the airport.

The airline you fly with may have restrictions on how many pieces or how much weight of luggage you can check-in. Again, the First and Business Class passengers may get a little advantage with regard to the pieces they can check-in. Take your cash, passport and visa, valuables, medicines, and others in your carry-on bag.

Baby gear may be taken on the flight. Clothes, diapers, food and water – you need to pack in a lot when you travel with an infant. You may also need to take a car seat on board to make sure that your little one can have a safe and comfortable flight. You may take a compact, foldable pram with you.

Make a list of the baby essentials you need to carry. Get in touch with the airline you are flying with and inquire about the restrictions on the things you can take on board. Airlines often have restrictions on items such as liquids. However, baby food, water, milk or juice is accepted as an exception.

Bulky objects may also up the expense of your trip. You cannot leave behind your skiing equipment when you are going on an adventurous trip in Finland or your bicycles when you are going on a cycling trip to Seville. Some airlines accept this within your baggage check-in allowance. However, many others don’t.

Ask the airline whether there are any separate charges for bulky items. If there is, clarify how much you would need to pay. Also, make sure the items are packaged properly. You may do this on your own or get help from professionals. Include the packaging material price to calculate the total cost.

Make sure your luggage doesn’t have anything restricted. Anything dangerous to the airplane or the passengers and crew is deemed as restricted. Therefore, you cannot take things such as explosives, flammable liquids, lithium batteries and such others on your flight. However, unless you are planning a terrorist attack, you won’t need these!

Restrictions may also apply to the contents of the personal baggage you carry with you inside the aircraft. It is best to contact the airline in advance and find out the things you cannot take. However, exceptions may apply. For example, restrictions on liquids may be there but it won’t be applicable on your baby’s milk or juice.



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