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Thean Hou temple is relatively new, and was concluded in 1987 and formally opened in 1989. The temple belongs to and is run by the Selangor & Federal Territory Hainan Affiliation, which is a clan association for folks of Hainanese descent, who arrive the province of Hainan, in China. This temple was developed by the regional Hainanese neighborhood and is devoted to Goddess Tian Hou, or The Heavenly Mom.

Near the outer entrance is the white statue of Kwan Yin, the famous Goddess of Mercy. You can find a position for devotees to kneel to contact the drinking water that pours out of Kwan Yin’s magical pitcher. One may even see devotees attempting to splash them selves with the holy drinking water.

Up coming to it is a smiling aged male, keeping a ebook and a staff members. He is the Chinese deity of Marriage, or a Chinese Cupid if you like. This celestial matchmaker is referred to as Yue Xia Lao Ren- or ‘the aged male in the moon light’. As a substitute of working with arrows like Cupid, he employs a piece of pink string that is tied to the person and the woman’s ft. In truth, the purple bag that on the remaining is his bag of purple strings. The reserve that he is keeping is the guide of destiny it lists who you will meet up with and when you will be married. This deity is incredibly preferred with younger folks, who normally give him candies and sweets in return for the best match.

At the little yard on the still left are the statues of the twelve animals in Chinese zodiac. There is the rat, the ox, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the snake, the horse, the ram, the monkey, the rooster, the dog and the pig. Just like with Western zodiac, the Chinese consider that men and women born underneath a distinct 12 months will choose on the temperament of the animal. But the Chinese lunar calendar begins at Chinese New Yr, which normally falls in January or February. So if you ended up born in January or February, depending on which yr, there is a chance that your zodiac is the a single that precedes it. The greatest way to find out your zodiac is to refer to the Chinese calendar, which you look at out from the internet. According to a Buddhist legend, Lord Buddha summoned all the animals of the earth to bid him farewell, but only twelve animals turned up. To reward them, Buddha named each individual yr after them, according to the purchase they experienced arrived- starting with the rat, and ending with the pig.

The main entrance arch of the Thean Hou temple is a sight to behold. Earlier mentioned, is a purple signboard with Chinese calligraphy. Contrary to in English, Chinese words and phrases are browse from ideal to left, and from major to base. The a few terms read through ‘Tian Hou Gong’- which usually means ‘Palace of the Queen of Heaven’. If you glimpse very carefully on the minimal figures on each side of the phrases, they convey to you the name of the author and when it was prepared. In Chinese calligraphy, producing is not just producing. It is an artistic ability, and each individual piece of composing is a perform of art. In point, the persona of a author is claimed to be reflected in his composing. On the suitable pillar, there are far more Chinese characters. They are way too poetic to be translated, but really loosely, they urge us to praise the humility of the King of Heaven and that everybody would maintain his title in reverence. The pillar on the left expounds the kindness of the Queen of Heaven, who defends the suffering and who is always there in moments of risk. This sort of greeting is critical in Chinese architecture, and each temple has their exclusive greetings. If you have the probability to take a look at other Chinese temples, request the locals to translate these text of knowledge for you.

Immediately after climbing the stair scenarios, one will discover on their own at big courtyard, surrounded by many crimson pillars on all sides. A incredibly one of a kind aspect of Chinese architecture is the open space concept. Quite a few do not comprehend that the courtyard is inside of the setting up as opposed to the exterior. This is a quite standard characteristic of Chinese architecture, and quite a few temples are built like this. The courtyard is surrounded on all sides by many interconnected pavilions. This is normally recognised as the ‘sky well’ since the roofs form a little opening to the sky. The breadth of the building is additional vital than the peak and depth, supplying the width of the developing visual impact. The color red is utilised extremely liberally here, symbolizing prosperity and superior fortune. The amazing orange and inexperienced roof, with its intricate carvings and grand decorations has several very small objects lined up in a row on the corners of the up-curved roofs.

There are several statues of dragons and phoenixes. The phoenix is ordinarily paired with the dragon, symbolizing the yin and the yang. A prevalent description of the phoenix is that it has the head of a golden pheasant, the beak of a parrot, the entire body of a mandarin duck, the wings of a roc, the feathers of a peacock and the legs of a crane. The phoenix is a symbol of advantage and grace, ability and prosperity. It is reported to be a light creature so mild that its toes crushes nothing at all and it eats only dewdrops. It normally signifies the woman section of the yin and yang, and in ancient situations, only the Chinese Empress can use the phoenix as her image. There is also the white crane, which is the most essential fowl in Chinese lifestyle, soon after the phoenix. Cranes are thought to be immortal, as a result symbolizing longevity.

Close by, are the magnificently carved gray pillars with dragons coiling upwards in the direction of heaven. Though in the West, dragons are regarded evil, Chinese dragons signify energy and potency and command over h2o. In yin and yang terminology, the dragon is yang, or male while the phoenix is yin, or feminine. Dragons have their possess hierarchy, and to know the place the dragon stands, depend the range of claws. The highest get is the 5-clawed dragon, followed by the four-clawed and a few-clawed dragon. Due to the fact the 5-clawed dragon is regarded an imperial dragon in China, the further from China a dragon went, the much less claws it experienced. That is why Korean dragons have four claws and Japanese kinds have a few. And since Malaysia is considered a Chinese offshoot, it is allowed to use only four claws on its dragons. In historic instances, improper use of the amount of claws was thought of treason, and the offender’s full clan can be executed.

At the key shrine, are three giant statues. They may possibly look very very similar at to start with look, but if you intently, you will see that they are various.

On the left, is the Goddess of the Waterfront. According to legend, in the island of Hainan south of China, just one day a fisherman caught driftwood in his net when he was out fishing. He introduced it back again and strange points started to occur. The driftwood would flip into a youthful lady each and every sunset. Her confront would shine with an expression of benevolence. Before long, the fisherman decides to make a temple employing the driftwood as the centrepiece. On the other hand, he could not choose the ideal position to construct it. As the villagers look to heaven for some hints, a young boy out of the blue ran out of the crowd in direction of an additional village 8 miles away. The boy then pointed at the waterfront of the Port of Qing-Lan, and they eventually discovered the site of the temple.

The goddess in the centre is Mazu, the goddess of the sea who guards sailors and fishermen. She is widely worshipped in the costal areas of China and Southeast Asia, in which many communities of seafarers dwell. In accordance to legend, she was a serious lifetime person, born 960 Ad as a woman known as Lin Moniang. When she was born, she did not cry hence her title, which means ‘silent girl’. She experienced a lot of affiliation with the sea. A single tale tells of her putting on a brilliant crimson gown, standing on the shore through severe weather conditions to tutorial fishing boats property. Yet another tale advised of her dreaming about her father and brother, equally fishermen, during a thunderstorm. But her mother woke her up at the correct second that she was rescuing her brother in her dream. As a final result, only her father arrived house. There were being also quite a few legends about her remaining in a position to forecast the weather conditions precisely, as a result conserving numerous fishermen from drowning. At the age of 28, she climbed up to a mountain and flew to heaven, and grew to become the Heavenly Queen, or Thean Hou, the title of this temple. Even although we are now about two hours away from sea, the Hainanese however built this temple in honour of her to seem right after their community. Just after her loss of life, there were a great number of reviews of a weird woman carrying a red lantern to information ships home in stormy weathers. These days, the UNESCO has designated the Mazu belief as an ‘Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity’.

The past goddess is the goddess Kwan Yin, or popularly identified as the Goddess of Mercy. The identify Kuan Yin is shorter for Kuan Shiryin, which signifies ‘to hear the cries of the world’. Highly revered by Buddhists, the background of Kwan Yin is extended and sophisticated. Worshipped as considerably as Vietnam, Indonesia and Japan, the tales of Kuan Yin have quite a few associations with Taoism, Buddhism and Chinese society. There are hundreds of stories about Kuan Yin, from therapeutic the sick to conserving the Dragon King’s son to saving animals, to safeguarding crops- they all notify in essence the very same matter: her compassion.

At the place in the middle of the hall are a handful of cylindrical formed objects with purple knobs and a bundle of sticks. They are the ‘kau chim’ oracles, or in English, Chinese Fortune Sticks. Quite a few Chinese use these fortune sticks to forecast their destiny for the coming calendar year. To start with, shuffle the sticks when clearing your head. Then seize the full bundle of sticks, maintain them up and fall them back again into the container. Search for the 1 singular stick that juts out- this stick carries your fortune. If there are a couple of sticks jutting out, test all over again till you have just one particular singular adhere poking out from the bundle. Then, look at the amount that is written on the adhere and discover that quantity in the acceptable drawer. Each and every drawer has slips of paper wherever you fortune for the year is prepared. That is your destiny for the calendar year. I hope it is crammed with prosperity, or as the Chinese say, crammed with ‘fook’. Even if you never believe in it, it can be a pleasurable detail to do.

At balcony one can get a great see of the temple. The finishes of the balcony is composed of some little objects: an outdated guy sitting on a fish, adopted by 3 legendary Chinese animals. The outdated person is Jiang Tai Kung, a historic determine and a extremely revered navy strategist. One tale has it that he was fishing for 3 days and 3 nights but to no avail. Last but not least, he caught a fish, and when he sliced the fish’s tummy open, he discovered a fabric that prophesized that he would 1 day be a terrific military services strategist. There is a well known story of him holding a bamboo stick with the hook hanging above the h2o, rather of permitting it sink into the h2o. His rational was that fish will appear to him when they are all set. This act influenced the Chinese expressing that good points occur to all those who wait. Hence, he is frequently depicted as sitting down on a fish.

The 2nd mythological animal is the Qilin, which is stated to convey serenity when it arrives. It is typically wrongly called the Chinese unicorn. A Qilin is a light creature that can stroll on grass without having trampling on the blade, but spouts fire when confronted with an evil human being.

The third mythological animal is the Chinese roc, which has a body of a fowl but the legs of a goat with scales like a fish. And the fourth one is the renowned Chinese Lion, which has protective powers. They commonly stand at the gates of imperial palaces and temples.

Back at the key shrine, there is a staircase on the remaining that potential customers to the Tortoise Pond. The tortoise is one particular of the 4 celestial emblems- together with the dragon, the phoenix and the white tiger- who guard the constellation. The tortoise guards the north, the phoenix guards the south, the dragon guards the east and the white tiger guards the west. Of these four animals, the tortoise is the only genuine lifetime animal, so here is a chance to see several of them at the Tortoise Pond.

There is also an attention-grabbing store that sells religious products at the ground floor for travellers to obtain souvenirs.


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