The North Cyprus Palace at Vouni


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On this mountain in North Cyprus, overlooking the village of Vouni below, stands a palace. As you look at the fragmentary walls, enable your information be a determine from 483 B.C., when Persia and Greece fought to dominate the island. Cyprus is divided into numerous compact kingdoms. Your guidebook is Himilcar, elder statesman and advisor to Doxandros, King of Marion. Marion is a town not considerably absent, and the Persians built this palace for Doxandros, who has sworn loyalty to them.

Come to the old entryway on the southwest side of the constructing. Can you listen to Himilcar mumbling to himself as he strategies the palace?

“It’s been fifteen several years because the Greeks of Ionia started the Fantastic Revolt. Did they understand nothing at all from defeat?

“Oh, greetings, stranger. I did not see you there. Occur here, underneath the porch. Our scorching Cypriot sunlight will bake your brains usually. What is the Terrific Revolt, you question? In what cave have you been dwelling? The Greek metropolitan areas of Ionia in Asia Minimal rebelled against our Persian King of Kings. The Cypriot kings who favored Greece, in towns like Soli, also rose in revolt.

“But the revolt was doomed from the start. The domains of the King of Kings stretch from Egypt to India and his military is past counting. He crushed the revolt on Cyprus in a subject of times.

“But come in, come in. I am Himilcar, main adviser to King Doxandros of Marion. Have you at any time been in a Persian palace? Certainly, it definitely is Persian, Persian designed and Persian crafted.

“How did that occur, you check with? For the duration of the Excellent Revolt King Doxandros remained loyal to the Persians. As a reward, the King of Kings built this palace for him.

A pair of guards, their spherical shields slung across their back and their long swords sheathed, stands in front of the doorway.

In a corner of the place a scribe sits cross-legged on a cushion, his creating board across his knees. At his aspect are sheets of papyrus paper, sharpened reeds he will use as pens, and a clay jug of ink.

“Appear down the stairs listed here on the correct. These are residing quarters for the senior officials, and for me.

“Throughout the hallway from our residing quarters are the palace storerooms. Below the king retains stores of food stuff, of cloth, of precious herbs and dyestuffs. See how the massive vases, the amphorae, are sunk into the ground. Again towards the entrance of the palace are the guard rooms. You can listen to the guards laughing over a dice game. No, they really don’t stay there. They are on duty, passing time until they are necessary.

“Arrive by way of into the reception rooms. The everyday persons hold out in this article. On the appropriate is the king’s official recorder. On the remaining is the queen’s. Persons occur in this article to have land transfers recorded, to pay out taxes, to convey a scenario right before the courtroom.

“Arrive, occur, never be shy. The folks you see in this 3rd place are the wealthy and the noble. You can convey to by the lavish embroidery on their robes. The prosperous have threads of gold and silver the noble can have on Tyrian purple, most important of dyes.

“My own office is on the ideal aspect of this very last ready home. Just just take a peek and see the jumble of scrolls on my desk. Every single working day I fall farther behind. Now we go straight in advance into the throne room.

“Occur up these seven actions. The actions are wide to announce that the king will get all his people. Of training course he sees largely the crucial kinds. See the brightly painted columns and the thrones. There the king and queen obtain petitioners and effectively-wishers. The prosperous and the noble stroll about right here, trying to find favor, always plotting for favor.

“The queen’s apartments are on the remaining. The king and his son have rooms on the proper. Impressive as these rooms are, with their painted walls and the pots of lilies and roses, I will display you the genuine marvel of the palace.

“See below driving the King’s chamber? Two bathrooms with bathrooms and outside of them, a sizzling tub. The water arrives from our individual cisterns and is heated and piped in. You will uncover practically nothing like it in between Crete and Persia.

“We can go as a result of below to the large courtyard. The rooms all all around are storerooms and garrison rooms for the troops. Armor and weapons are saved here, together with foodstuff provides. See the very well? It goes into a cavern we have lower into the extremely mountain. It serves as a single of quite a few cisterns that hold winter rain for us to use all calendar year extended.

“Excuse me, remember to. I have to discuss to that fellow above there. You may glimpse by means of the storerooms and team quarters that encompass this central court.”

The courtyard is loaded with activity. Muscular men in kilts are polishing armor in the shade. In one corner a smith is putting a new chopping edge on a pile of swords. The prepare dinner and her assistants are plucking chickens across the way, singing softly as they perform. But in this article is Hamilcar returning.

“Who is he? The guy I spoke with? No damage in telling you, I suppose. He is one of my spies.

“King Xerxes is planning to march on Greece. He needs to know which towns will support him, and which could test to stab him in the back again. Soli rose against Persia the moment, and may well do so once again. So, I have spies in Soli.

“I ought to return to my get the job done. But you come to feel cost-free to wander about. Might Anat bless you in your comings and goings.”

So farewell to the aged ghost, from a time very long back when Asia and Europe held Cyprus in a tug-of-war and bitterness divided metropolis from town.

Obtain out what took place to the Palace by looking through the for a longer time version at [ttp://]


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