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Last night I had a fabulous call with Patricia Drain. We talked about how she started a successful business from home, with no employees and went from $0 to six figures in just a few short years. She’s now getting ready to break into seven figures and she’s done all of this in a ‘bad’ economy.

Many people think it’s not possible, because of all the news that we hear. But it is possible, if you have the right mind-set (energy) and if you do the right things. Patricia shared some of her insights on the call last night and really anybody can take these techniques and apply them successfully – but you do have to have the right mind-set. Here are 5 secrets that Patricia shared to having a bigger, more successful business from home:

  1. Teach yourself to think bigger – if you have a certain financial goal, double it. Whatever your goals are for the year, expand them. Use brainstorming groups to help you think of different ideas, and different ways of doing things.
  2. Be around people who think bigger. Whatever you want to accomplish, you need to find people who are already doing it. Find a mentor, someone who can help you know what you need to do and show you how to do it.
  3. Make decisions from where you want to be, rather than from where you are. To reach the levels of success that Patricia’s talking about you cannot continue to think in the same ways that you always have. You have to project your mind forward, as if you’ve already accomplished what you want – how would the decisions you’re making be different?
  4. Have a big ticket item. As you achieve greater levels of success your customers will want more from you, and more of you. Create a big ticket item – whether it’s a program that teaches people how to do what you do, one-on-one coaching programs with you, or a big live event – have some way that your customers can engage with you in a bigger and better way. When you have bigger ticket items you don’t need as many customers to buy to achieve your financial goals.
  5. When you decide to play bigger the Universe will reward you. This is so true. I have seen things change for people the moment they make the decision that they are going to do things differently, that they want to change.

Not everybody can be successful working from home. Many people need the structure of leaving home, going to an office and being around other people. For some, being at home would be a distraction – and you can overcome this to a certain extent by having a dedicated office at home, or by leaving to work at an office incubator with other business owners, or in a coffee shop so that you get out of the house.

To be able to work from home successfully, you need to be:

  • independent – not needing others to guide you or tell you what to do
  • accountable – able to follow through and do the things you say you’re going to do
  • focused  – have the discipline to ignore distractions and stay with the task at hand
  • a good time manager – I find that time goes incredibly quickly working from and I have to use my time carefully. When I used to work in an office it seemed as though the days just dragged by. I was constantly looking at the clock.

I know that whatever you do – whether you have a business that you operate from home, or another location, or whether you work for someone else, the one thing that will stop you from being as successful as you want to be, or as you could be (even in this economy) is you. It’s your energy, your belief, your mind-set, your programming. If others can do it, that means you can too – and others are doing it, just like Patricia.

How can you think bigger for 2011?



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